Jess Kimura—The $5M Dirtbag

Sorry bro, Dumpster Spice is still not gonna make you a sandwich.

Forager Mushroom Pie

Forager Mushroom Pie on a Leek/Cream base. Your tastebuds are gonna shit their pants.

Punch & Pie!

Punch is like a really awesome communal food trough, but for alcohol.

Y’ain’t Seen!?…Criminal

Being a con artist is all about confidence, isn’t it?

Book: The Woman In Me

The story of a stolen life (Britney’s Version).

Film: Winter Steelhead & Skiing

I flyfish with the style and grace of a three-year-old chucking half-cooked spaghetti out the window of car going 100 km/hour, (but the kid would probably achieve more distance).

Y’ain’t Seen!?…Near Dark

Near Dark, one of the best vampire flicks ever made.

Broke-n-Lazy Pumpkin Pie

Sometimes you just gotta work with what you can’t afford and don’t have time for.

Y’ain’t Seen?!… Wild Things

“Lurid trash.” So what are you waiting for?

Y’ain’t Seen!?… Amarillo By Morning

Spike Jonze second short film is a coming-of-age tale that just might change your life.

Book: Never Broken

The life and hard times of a singer/writer/warrior