Feet Banks

Feet Banks is a writer and (shitty) filmmaker from the west coast of Canada who appreciates mountain views, campfires by the river, horror movies, books, naps, people who try new things, and pumpkin pie. He has been chipping away at the underlying truths, greater goods, and seedy underbellies of life since the late 1990s and is still not entirely convinced Western Civilization isn’t on the verge of collapse—if it can happen to the Inca, it can happen to us… Act accordingly.

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Bear Dink Bone Nostalgia

Who even knew bears had dink bones?

Book: A Story As Sharp As A Knife

A heroic tome about Haida myth and the value of language.

Video: The Jindle Olympics

Highlights from the 2020 Jindle Olympics held in the Squamish Valley.

Ode to the Wristwatch

Watches don’t just tell time, they save it.

Book: The Body

Way more than you ever thought you’d know about the human body.

Dreams: Lago Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is legendary, but have you heard the one about the old lady that lives there…?

Knuckle Tattoo Generator

A handy tool to add a little badassery to your next social gathering.

Jessica Clark-Bojin: The Pieous

The best art in the universe, pie art.

Book: Between The World And Me

A legitimate must-read.

Recipe: Vegan Key Lime Pie

Che Jo puts the “Key” in Key Lime.