Jess Kimura—The $5M Dirtbag

Sorry bro, Dumpster Spice is still not gonna make you a sandwich.

Dear Spike Jonze

Lauren pesters director Spike Jonze but actually he rules more than she thought.

Mikel Ibarra: Pies in the Window

Exploring the paths between empowerment, acceptance, sexuality, and objectification…with pies.

Jessica Clark-Bojin: The Pieous

The best art in the universe, pie art.

Meghann O’Brien: Wrapped in the Cloud

What to do when your art needs to be in two places at once?

Brett Tippie: The Time Traveler

A pioneer in two sports, Brett Tippie really shoulda been a comedian.

Dave Barnes: The Warfare of Perception

The best way to discuss art is to talk about something else.

Rory Bushfield: The Aviator

When life gets turbulent, Rory Bushfield’s advice is to fly higher and try something you’re not 100 per cent sure will work . . . And get pictures for your Instagram.

Blake Jorgenson: Ride it Like It’s Stolen

Using words to talk about making pictures with one of the industry’s greatest.

Interview: Jay Baruchel

Feet talks to Canadian film icon Jay Baruchel in 2011.