By definition, this category could be anything.

This Is The END—Live a Little

Five Ways to Spice Up Your Disaster Preparedness Kit

Sink or Swim?

A two-step plan to save the world…or not.

Shakespearean Ass Eating

An “uneducated” (according to some) investigation into analingus in the works of Shakespeare.

Life Hack: Stay Awake While Driving

… hint: it’s masturbation.

Atwood with a Flamethrower!

Thoughts on burning books and banning books and literary censorship.

The Cowboy Hat

“It’s a sun protector, a rain protector and it also shields your face from branches or cobwebs on the trail. Out here, your hat is a part of who you are.”

Bear Dink Bone Nostalgia

Who even knew bears had dink bones?

Ode to the Wristwatch

Watches don’t just tell time, they save it.

Knuckle Tattoo Generator

A handy tool to add a little badassery to your next social gathering.

On Writing: From Fledgling to Fucking Flight

Their is no fast tracks to writing good, your gonna have too work at it.