Book: Slimy Slick

When the sun goes down, Slug Life heats up.

Movie: Afghan Cycles

There is nothing simple about a girl getting on a bike in Afghanistan.

Book: Blue Sky Kingdom

Blue Sky Kingdom by Bruce Kirkby Book of the week: this is the kind I…

Book: For the Love of Men

If we want a better world for women (and children) we need to look at how we are raising our men.

Book: Why Fish Don’t Exist

I’m pretty sure fish exist, but how sure…?

Book: A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World

What the real end of the world looks like.

Movie: Beastie Boys Story

In Boggle, this book catches 11 points of the word “quagmire.”

Book: Acid for the Children

Title of the Year.

Book: Apocalypse

2020 book of the year winner.

Book: The Hate U Give

A lot of people in the world could use a dose of perspective.