Book: 100 Deadly Skills

Survival skills for the amateur operator.

Bear Dink Bone Nostalgia

Who even knew bears had dink bones?

Book: A Story As Sharp As A Knife

A heroic tome about Haida myth and the value of language.

Ode to the Wristwatch

Watches don’t just tell time, they save it.

Book: The Body

Way more than you ever thought you’d know about the human body.

Book: Between The World And Me

A legitimate must-read.

Recipe: Vegan Key Lime Pie

Che Jo puts the “Key” in Key Lime.

Book: Slimy Slick

When the sun goes down, Slug Life heats up.

Movie: Afghan Cycles

There is nothing simple about a girl getting on a bike in Afghanistan.

Book: Blue Sky Kingdom

Blue Sky Kingdom by Bruce Kirkby Book of the week: this is the kind I…