Book: Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Joan Didion is smarter than you and writes better than most.

Book: The Curse of Lono

Bigger is Better when it comes to Hunter Thompson and Ralph Steadman. This book is a giant fucking tome.

Book: Country Wisdom & Know-How

Blow up your TV, Throw away your papers, Move to the Country, And build you a home.

Book: The Treehouse Chronicles

You know you always dreamed of living in a treehouse and these guys did it.

Book: A House Is a House for Me

There is no profanity in this kid’s book. Lots of good feels though.

Book: Black Hole

It’s the 1970s—Have sex, become a mutant. Welcome to Black Hole.

Book: What’s Your Poo Telling You?

Every shit is a log of your life, if you read it correctly.

Book: The Case Against Sugar

News flash: sugar is fucking terrible for us.

Book: Hammer of the Gods

Led Zepplin are better than the Beatles and the Stones.

Book: Return of the Ninja

Ninjas are coming to stab your spleen. Act accordingly.