Book: Silent Bob Speaks

Dick joke master Kevin Smith is also good at telling stories.

Book: Buried Treasures

Lost cultures, underground mazes, and hippie rocknroll combine in a true tale of spirituality and adventure.

Book: Gonzo

Did you know Hunter S Thompson was also a super talented photographer? You do now.

Books: The Runaways

As teens, the Runaways were more badass than most of us will ever be. Read their books.

Book: Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters and Seymour an Introduction

Read more Salinger. (Do you think there is an undiscovered trove of stories somewhere?)

Book: Down and Out in Paris and London

Working in a restaurant causes emotional and pscyhological pain you will never recover from.

Book: World War Z

Zombies will kill us all. Stay alert.

Book: The Curve of Time

If managing 5 kids on a 25-foot boat doesn’t unlock the secrets of life, nothing will.

Book: 7 Days to Success in Skiing

The best way to learn to ski is to not try to learn it from reading a book.

Book: You’re in Canada Now…

Brilliant essays from a sharp-witted master of unearthing truths from within every aspect of life.