Music: Fort Knox Five—Live at Slay Bay


Fort Knox Five: Live at Slay Bay—Bass Coast 2022

Fun and funk and family. Just an old-school Bass Coast whoompy rave set. Jon H would be proud.

Steve Raskin-FK5

A founding member of the Fort Knox Five, the Jon H mentioned in the quote above was a good friend of mine. He passed away in the summer of 2015 and Bass Coast, here in British Columbia, was the last place he played music.

Fort Knox bandmate and co-conspirator Steve Raskin was on stage with Jon at his last Bass Coast, and every year since Steve has returned to reignite the Fort Knox Funk Jon loved, and to celebrate an incredible friend and musician taken way too soon.

Slay Bay, Sunday night—decent place for an anniversary. FOTO: Filter out the Ordinary

For 2022 (the first Bass Coast after a two-year COVID hiatus), Steve was scheduled to play the iconic Slay Bay stage, late Sunday night (aka: the climax of four days of givin’r.)

“Bass Coast is so important to the Fort Knox family,” Steve says, “and I knew i was playing up against a big act on the main stage. But i was also stoked because i met my wife at Slay Bay, this exact spot, and this year Bass Coast fell on the 6th anniversary of our first kiss and our second wedding anniversary. With all that happening…what am i gonna play?”

With a rabid crowd of ravers on the dance floor, and a huge crew of friends joining him on stage, Steve says, “The set ended up getting more rave-y than i anticipated. It’s one thing when the crowd is bouncing and giving back to you but when all my friends are on stage going as hard or harder than the crowd in front of us…it just turned into a classic old-school, whoompy rave set. I think Jon would be proud.”

Forget backstage, the party is ON stage. PHOTO: DAVE LADNER

This set’s a definite party popper-offer, or a good way to stay awake on a late-night drive. Enjoy

Check out more Fort Knox mixes and original tracks on Mixcloud (there are legitimately 71 “Funk the World” mixes on there right now) and be sure to hit up for dates, music, merch and more.
Steve’s favourite pie is,” pecan. Or apple. Or anything, so long as it is not a pie to the face.”

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