Music: Rock’Em Sock’Em


Vinyl Ritchie’s Rock’Em Sock’Em

“If I can’t dance to it, it’s not my revolution.”

― Emma Goldman

For this mix we gotta take it back to 2003, when music was played on vinyl, mash-ups were fresh, and dark shitty drugs like ketamine hadn’t sucked the dance music scene into it’s own festering, rape-y asshole yet.

Vinyl Ritchie was my hero because he consistently brought the beats to get your ass shaking, but also played songs with words (always a rarity). Ideal for dancing, driving, or just kicking it by the pool, this CD owned at least two summers for me and my homies. (Fuck how did we have a private pool at our house in 2003 and never again since? Growing up fucking blows.)

By bringing the funk, rock, and whatever new shit was dope at the time to bush parties, club nights, raves, and the more socially accepted “music festivals” that came afterwards, Vinyl Ritchie changed the way i listen to music and the way I appreciate life. All hail the fucking king.

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