Book: Evguénie Sokolov

A book about an artist who rides his farts to global success.

Book: A Fistful of Gitanes

French chain-smoking musical genius/social provocateur Serge Gainsbourg

The Cowboy Hat

“It’s a sun protector, a rain protector and it also shields your face from branches or cobwebs on the trail. Out here, your hat is a part of who you are.”

Jessica Clark-Bojin: The Pieous

The best art in the universe, pie art.

Dave Barnes: The Warfare of Perception

The best way to discuss art is to talk about something else.

Book: The Curse of Lono

Bigger is Better when it comes to Hunter Thompson and Ralph Steadman. This book is a giant fucking tome.

Blake Jorgenson: Ride it Like It’s Stolen

Using words to talk about making pictures with one of the industry’s greatest.