book of the week

Book: The Woman In Me

The story of a stolen life (Britney’s Version).

Book: Never Broken

The life and hard times of a singer/writer/warrior

Books for Loss & Grief

When the worst happens, these books are a soft place to land.

Book: American Dirt

Harrowing tale of a Mexican mother and son escaping violence and heading north in hopes of finding a new life.

Book: Chaos

Was Manson a CIA stooge propped up to help undermine the hippie/peace movement with violence?

Book: Why Fish Don’t Exist

I’m pretty sure fish exist, but how sure…?

Book: Acid for the Children

Title of the Year.

Book: Apocalypse

2020 book of the year winner.

Book: The Hate U Give

A lot of people in the world could use a dose of perspective.

Book: The Beautiful Ones

Prince wrote a book, kinda.