Books for Loss & Grief

When the worst happens, these books are a soft place to land.

Book: Trejo

“I always figured I’d die in prison,’ is a hell of a way to open a book.

Book: American Dirt

Harrowing tale of a Mexican mother and son escaping violence and heading north in hopes of finding a new life.

Book: Evguénie Sokolov

A book about an artist who rides his farts to global success.

Book: A Fistful of Gitanes

French chain-smoking musical genius/social provocateur Serge Gainsbourg

Book: Orange Sunshine

Hash, acid, crime and love. The true story of the Hippie Mafia that turned on a generation, and left a legacy that remains to this day.

Book: Between The World And Me

A legitimate must-read.

Book: Slimy Slick

When the sun goes down, Slug Life heats up.

Book: Return of the Ninja

Ninjas are coming to stab your spleen. Act accordingly.

Book: Silent Bob Speaks

Dick joke master Kevin Smith is also good at telling stories.