Book: American Dirt

Harrowing tale of a Mexican mother and son escaping violence and heading north in hopes of finding a new life.

Book: Evguénie Sokolov

A book about an artist who rides his farts to global success.

Book: The Hate U Give

A lot of people in the world could use a dose of perspective.

Book: Electric Dreams

Sci-fi master Philip K Dick.

Book: Fever

It’s the end of the world, start walking.

Book: SWAG

A lesser-known-but-equally-awesome gritty, street-level offering from the master of American crime fiction.

Book: Trouble Is My Business

Classic noir short stories about dames and guns and private dicks with long faces.

Book: World War Z

Zombies will kill us all. Stay alert.

Fiction: You Say Tomato…

A story about a guy with a rough job.