Music: Fort Knox Five—Live at Slay Bay

The Slay Bay nights have seen strange sights….Good old fashioned funky ass raving.

Music to Set Fires To

Mandy-Lyn sets things on fire with some of her fave blues tracks from the 40s, 50s, 60s.

Book: A Fistful of Gitanes

French chain-smoking musical genius/social provocateur Serge Gainsbourg

Book: From This Moment On

If you can write songs that sell 100 million albums, you can probably write a book.

Book: Acid for the Children

Title of the Year.

Book: The Beautiful Ones

Prince wrote a book, kinda.

Book: Beastie Boys Book

No sleep till page 550.

Book: Burning Down the Haus

Punk rock kids in Berlin helped get the wall torn down? Find out how.

Book: Hammer of the Gods

Led Zepplin are better than the Beatles and the Stones.

Book: Buried Treasures

Lost cultures, underground mazes, and hippie rocknroll combine in a true tale of spirituality and adventure.