Feet Banks

Feet Banks is a writer and (shitty) filmmaker from the west coast of Canada who appreciates mountain views, campfires by the river, horror movies, books, naps, people who try new things, and pumpkin pie. He has been chipping away at the underlying truths, greater goods, and seedy underbellies of life since the late 1990s and is still not entirely convinced Western Civilization isn’t on the verge of collapse—if it can happen to the Inca, it can happen to us… Act accordingly.

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Book: 7 Days to Success in Skiing

The best way to learn to ski is to not try to learn it from reading a book.

Book: You’re in Canada Now…

Brilliant essays from a sharp-witted master of unearthing truths from within every aspect of life.

Book: Stranger Than Fiction

The Master of visceral fiction can tell true stories too.

Book: The Secret of Inner Strength

Read this book or Chuck Norris will kick you teeth in.

Rory Bushfield: The Aviator

When life gets turbulent, Rory Bushfield’s advice is to fly higher and try something you’re not 100 per cent sure will work . . . And get pictures for your Instagram.

Book: Please Kill Me

The oral history of punk pulls no fucking punches.

Book: The Dude and the Zen Master

Where’s the fucking enlightenment Lebowski?

Book: Hit Man

Murder is bad but if you gotta do it, at least do it right.

Book: Ass Dragon

Murder, intrigue, and taking the dirt road home.

ice by ice t and douglas century
Book Review: Definition Of Down & Ice

Two perspectives of an iconic hip hop story.